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AI Can't Do It All Just Yet, But ...

An article in today's Wall Street Journal reminds us that we are still a little ways off from letting AI run wild with our work. When Microsoft excitedly unveiled CoPilot, its AI bot that uses OpenAI's ChatGPT, they touted its integration with Excel. Heck, if AI can dominate pivot tables then I say it's well worth whatever investment needs to be made. Well, it turns out that CoPilot makes mistakes when analyzing spreadsheet data.

If you are the person running email and digital engagement programs for your advocacy campaigns, this means you still need to conduct your own analyses of your email and social media performance tracking charts.

(And if "email performance tracking chart" is a foreign term to you, then send me a message or add a comment and I'm happy to share a great and easy template with you. I'm even happy to provide my five-minute spiel on why it's so important to use.)

Most importantly, don't let this stop you from continuing to use AI for several other elements of your advocacy campaigns, especially when it comes to content development.


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