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Had a Great Lobby Day or Fly-In? 3 Things To Do Right Now

If you recently held a lobby day or fly-in, here are three things you should be doing right now to build on the awesome momentum from your event.

✈ For all of the first-time attendees who don’t have a formal role in your grassroots volunteer/member structure, invite them to take on a specific role. They’ll never be more excited about advocacy than they are at this moment. If you don’t have a formalized structure, then let’s find time to talk about that.

✈ Send an email to your high-performing volunteers/members who didn’t attend your lobby day. Let them know how impactful, energizing and fun the event was, and ask them to raise their hand if they’d like to be considered for your next event.

✈ Have your event participants send a follow-up email to the congressional staffperson they met during the meeting. This is crucial for building a sustaining relationship with that member of Congress’s office.

You and your team put a lot of work into this year’s lobby day and its benefits should extend far beyond the time you spent in Washington. An event like this can be a launching pad for expanding and strengthening your grassroots or grasstops program.

If you’re unsure how to maximize those benefits or need a little extra capacity to pull it off, we can help. Let’s be sure your organization doesn’t waste this great opportunity for sustainable, long-term growth in your advocacy program.


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