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Our First-Ever Digital Advocacy Summit

Thrilled to share the incredible success of Rubenstein Impact Group’s first-ever Digital Advocacy Summit, where we brought together digital advocacy superstars from the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations. 🎉 The event provided an intimate forum for sharing experiences and brainstorming solutions to common challenges while building lasting connections for future collaboration.

Key highlights included:

1️⃣ Delving into the challenges and opportunities presented by the upcoming elections, even for those organizations that don’t engage in electoral work

2️⃣ Sharing successful story collection strategies and unlocking the potential of everyday volunteers to become high-impact social media influencers

3️⃣ Learning all that AI can (and can’t) bring to legislative campaigns and how every advocacy team should be using it (more on this in an upcoming post)

4️⃣ Rebuilding the online to offline volunteer pipeline

A huge thank you to all of the passionate attendees and presenters who made our day so engaging, enlightening and fun! 👏 And much thanks to Bonterra for hosting and sponsoring our event.


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